Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Too much Yann Tiersen.

I did these quick (it shows).  The three portraits.  This is EXACTLY how I feel. Where am I mentally? You tell me maybe.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snow White

So here is the first piece of the "grand" thesis redo.  So long story short I didn't have as much time or energy or know how in the specific media to make my senior thesis how I wanted.  Plus I was taking 5 classes, figuring out living arrangements, freaking out about graduation.  So yes,now I have time.  Well, kind of, not really.  The thesis idea was originally an 8 line poem, dropped down to six because of time constraints.  The poem consisted of fables, but not just fables, but what happens to the characters after ever after.  That was the title: After Ever After.
Here is the poem, simple as hell in it's form but with a deeper meaning:

Snow White had grown fat and grey
and Red Riding Hood had had enough
while young Alice decided to stay
the Little Mermaid's adjustment was tough
Dear Captain J. Hook was able to fly
the lonely Pinocchio made friends from the rough
Princess Cinderella gave domestics a try
While Prince John gave back most of the stuff.

This one is about (obviously) time taking beauty away.  Snow White, the fairest of them all, has lived a life of luxury and want.  She holds the apple that would once take her ability to live away, but keep her young and beautiful forever.  The apple is the key to her everlasting beauty, albeit death.  Supposed to be a kind of commentary on how a lot of people would rather risk death when it came to being ugly and fat (plastic surgery anyone?), or would actually choose death if it meant they would forever be encapsulated/remembered as being exquisite.  She is maybe tempting herself, questioning herself if her decision was the right one.  What would be your decision?  Think aboot THAT.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


This was supposed to be page 7, but after much consideration I have decided there has to be a page or two between this one and page 6.  Thus, this does not have a page number yet.  And also it isn't completely stone set that this is the layout I am going for.  Never the less I am posting it.  Cause who knows the next time I will be able to post (see other blog.  Working on scary stuff now.)