Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So there won't be any updates until I get settled in.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The black hole of lost items let one slide.

Months ago, maybe longer, I wrote over 5 chapters of Ella Umbrella.  Then, like I do all the time to important things, I lost it.  Just like I lost my W2.  OH YES.  Itemize this, bitch.  ANYWAY I had lost poor Ella so when I started to do the first chapter, I was trying to remember all the clever things I had written.  But, alas, despite the snow storm that shouldn't be happening outside, the sun shined down for me and I found the story.  In which, when I reread, and then cried a little, and then read more, that I had missed alot.  Which means, how many pages am I actually keeping that I have already done?  Oh well, such is life.  I hope I can salvage some of the 7 pages.  
Here was the actual beginning, which I think is adorable:
"Chpt. 1 In Which We Meet Our Heros

Ella Umbrella was tall for her age.  She was also odd, so when she stated to the adults "It is time for an adventure!" they all said "yes, yes Ella.." and dismissed her quite rudely.  So, she decided that in order to have a grand adventure she mustn't be alone.
Ella also decided exactly who would be perfect for such a journey.... "

blahblahblah...something about cucumber sandwiches and mint jelly and the picnic....

ah, another excerpt, which totally cracks me up and makes me wonder what the HELL I was doing when I wrote such nonsense:

"Being a slightly awkward, yet frightening fellow, the terrible Marquis of Centipedes was in quite a mood.  Today was his birthday and he just knew that what he wanted most dearly could not be his...yet.  Kidnapping the Prince of Frogs had seemed like a good idea at the time, but now the King and his infernal hordes of green guardsmen and the like seemed to know exac
tly who took the young frog.  And so, the Marquis expected to spend his birthday in endless tactical meetings, pushing little metal army men across a board that was shaped like the surrounding landscape, NOT having cake and NOT opening presents.  Of course, he would never admit to liking these things, after all, he is supposed to be a tough and ruthless leader."

It continues for forever.  Originally this was supposed to be more of a graphic novel in the way of  N. Gaiman's Stardust, more text than picture, but that has obviously changed.  It's ok, though.  I don't mind redoing things if it means I get to redo them RIGHT.  Oh, and, I have decided the sound of Ella Umbrella is the band Taken By Trees.  Listen and all things will be clear to you.

The most terrifying thing you will ever meet ever.  I got this picture here:
Where you can buy them.  BUY THEM.  WHY!!!!

My next post will be all about centipedes and facts about centepedes and why I am obsessed with making them the bad guy of every single story I draw for the rest of my life.  Maybe.