Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Seeing as I have not posted in forever....this is totally what I turned into after returning home:

Sloth enjoying the little things.  Except its more like I am healing after a very long year of being very, very alone.  It is just like ripping a band-aide off of a scab, so that it's all raw and stuff and then it heals pretty well except there is a tiny scar after its all done.  I'm still at the scab stage, but at least I am not all infected and gangrened and shit....although, it amuses me to think of what kind of artwork that would issue forth.  AWESOME.  In the true sense of the word, not the slang.  I've been doing actual freelance work but I totally am not a freelance gal.
I have shut myself off from the world for a bit, and I am not going to lie, it is nice.  I need it right now.   My friends understand.  No portfolio artwork, just books and gardening and also riding my sweet, sweet MINT GREEN BEACH CRUISER.  LOOK AT IT AND ITS MAGNIFICENCE:

I will ride it to the library.  On the trail.  Maybe to screen printing classes.  Ironically, there will be no beach cruising, seeing as the beach does not have sidewalks.  but I finally own a MINT GREEN BEACH CRUISER.  I haven't named it yet.  But don't even mess with white wall tires and a white seat.  If this bike were a jive, I would dance all night long.  You heard me.
Plus I have been doing alot of hands on 3-d stuff so even when I have "taken a break" I am never taking a break.  List of "crafty mccraftpants" things:

-A super sweet 1960's airline purse to sew
-A stuffed animal to sew, and also stuff
-A stuffed pillow pb and J sandwich with a side of kick ass
-A quilt, but an awesome one that isnt all country and full of star spangled crap
-Mosaic vase/pencil holder, for pencils or maybe even pens or just pennies and straw wrappers
-A fabric...painting? collage?  I guess collage painting?
-A fabric portfolio for other places not here
-Various "to do for Etsy Shop" projects.  Including dish towels.  Yeah, boyee.

Anyway enough updating.  I will slowly be getting back on schedule as I get bored.  So yes.  
There will be things popping up here and there as I get the anna train out of the station and back up the hill.