Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So can I please tell you

HOW much I L O V E the 60's?  FOR REAL.
And here is one of the reason's why:

a little show called UFO.  Notice no U dot F dot O?

Thats because they pronounce it 'yoofo'.  One word.  Thats right.  Not 'you foo' ... yoofo.

Here is a small, wonderful list of why this show is officially the best thing ever.

1.) Deliciously hot men, with amazing hair

2.)  Cleverly disguised G.I.Joe toys shooting fake lasers (see video after pictures)


4.)  Aaaamaaazing set designs that I would live my small, pathetic life in, pretending I was in space with my mooncats and that my car was a hovercraft that I christened the A.D.A.M.v. (Anna Driving Around Motor vehicle)

5.)  And last but not least, just....THIS

So make haste + watch what has brightened my life one spacelightbulb at a time.

Monday, March 16, 2009


So, if you have been paying attention, you will notice a whole brand spanking new project in the making on Obscurity.  Otherwise, here is a related movie poster for my character.  I might revise, but right now it works for me.