Sunday, January 20, 2008

E. Umbrella

HAVE YOU VISITED my other brand spankin' new blog?  If not, go before I cry (the link is to the's called obscurity).  So, yes I have alot of projects.  It is the only thing that keeps me from going insane.  Having said that, the one that has become most impertinent for me to work on is my comic. is Ella Umbrella.  She goes on adventures.  I am planning to do the first couple of pages for my portfolio, and then the rest later.  This story has been in my head forever. (hurray!) It is in my blood to do comics.  I know this. 
Ella Umbrella Color Study.  
My first sketch.  


Matt Swartz said...

Hurray!!! I'm excited to see the new work! And Ella is really cute! Is she part of the story with an octopus? or am I making that up?

Webliography1 said...

I agree with Matt, she is cute! Like you!! I love you and keep up the great work. I can't wait to read the children's book!!