Saturday, February 16, 2008

Update. Mmm-hmm.

Question: Why do I work on a thousand things at once?  Answer: Cause i'm awesome.  Or also because it makes me feel better that I have something constantly to work on.  Here is my fabric portfolio.  It's way kewl.  Soon, the wood one.  I am going to reward myself with sushi.

it's bigger than 17 x 11.  But just a tad.

So I've been messing around with the settings on my new camera, and here are the children, my only subject...until it gets warm and I don't freeze instantly by going outside.  I feel like they were taken by sears family portrait or something rediculous.  GLAMOUR SHOTS!


He hates that I am on the computer all the time, but he copes. Aww.


Are you KIDDING me?  Oh my god she's a ham in more ways than one.

Well, you know.  They do cute things and I HAVE to capture it.  I refrain from showing alot of pictures with a slight fear I might be the creepy cat lady, and I am too young and bangin (damn it) for that yet.  I could always tease my hair to epic proportions and hunch over and slur my speech.  Lets do it.  RIGHT NOW.

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