Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dia de los Serious

Strange to be doing actual illustration again? Its been a while. My other blog/concept obsession has kept me busy, not to mention moving as well as reaching goals and what not. So while I should feel bad, I totally do not (I tell you lies). I can do fun stuff like this when I feel my portfolio is up to speed with what is being demanded (which will be never).
Anyway, this was for a Dia De Los Muertos show that I unfortunately didn't find until it was too late to even consider submitting, but I did a piece anyway. I am thinking of getting into gallery work. We shall see.
So this isn't completely finished...There will be a cut out border. All ornate and stuff, with foreground elements. Until then, you must live with the juicy center.


Maria said...

So I love this! A lot. All the details really make it, like their initials carved in the tree. That was a really nice touch. Your style totally fits the Day of the Dead thing. It gives it a very Tim Burton-esque spin on it, and it rocks. :D I love the flowers on the bushes and the leaves on the trees too.

Matt Swartz said...

Awww, you snuck in a post without me noticing! Well, I love it! And I agree with Maria, the level of detail is awesome (like the flowers and willow leaves). I can't wait to see it all finsished witht he candles and lighting! Defenitly makes me get into the Fall/ Halloween/ Day of the Dead spirit! Hahaha... Dead...spirit...hehe!

migue said...

your work is wonderful! :D

i love skulls and spirits