Friday, December 14, 2007

Abdominal stars are O-U-T

Dr. Suess reference means I am awesome, right?  Socially acceptable and all that.  Anyway, one treat for you!  One treat for me!  What oh what could it possibly be?  
1 piece of artwork I did a while ago.  (Once again.) Soon we will be current.  So you should
 know I dont know how to make them bigger.  This Blog thing is new to me, so don't hate.

Romeo + Juliette.  She has a swiss army knife, he has a poppy flower.  Get it?  If you're smart you do.  Also, I would like to make my official stance on shoes.  I love the way shoes look.  I do.  Really.  I love shoe shopping, I love looking at them, and I also like buying them.  HOWEVER, I absolutely abhore wearing them.  I need to be barefoot at all times.  That is all.  

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