Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have been neglecting illustration blerg for the VISUAL DEVELOPMENT blog in which is hella full of portfolio pieces from the Africa project, so I decided to post a raw, untouched page of my sketchbook before I rape it with photoshop. 
Visit my VISUAL DEVELOPMENT blog to see the VISUAL DEVELOPMENT for this project  to witness the DEVELOPMENT of VISUALSvizialvuzialvizualdevlopmintallykindofretarded



Matt Swartz said...

I really like these! Exciting! My favorite is the crab pinching the eyelid of the that one guy. Oh, and vizualdevlopmintallykindofretarded? Hahahahahaha!

Maria said...

Oww...I feel pain every time I look at the crab pinching one..I wann hug them all. My fave part (parts?) are their little legs! It makes me giggle with much happiness.