Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yeti Family Vacay

I am tired.  Somewhat like this yeti father, who absolutely hates that mother has stayed behind in the hotel indulging on chocolates and the latino boy from her favorite soap opera.  O-la-la.  He can picture her just taking a bath, relaxing, and realizes that his instinct to procreate was severely wrong.  Maybe one, but his line of yeti genes were blessed with large liters.  Did he care then?  No.  Does he regret it?  Oh, absolutely.

Yeti Family Vacay - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever


applegary said...

EXCELLENT work, i love the whimsical idea and the execution. I hope to rock this shirt one day soon. Keep up the great jarb!

Maria said...

The leashes make it.... totally. It's amazing how often I see this same exact situation almost daily...Minus the yeti fur.